Success Story 001: A brighter future with Ramatsobane

The Bursary Lottery was formed as a means to create more opportunities for people to study and accomplish their goals. In order to showcase the difference the Bursary Lottery is already making, as well as showing what can be achieved with a little education and drive, we’ve decided to share some bursary winners stories, in hopes of inspiring and creating a drive in communities to always do one’s best.

One of our volunteers, Darren Kearns, caught up with one of our recent winners, Ramatsobane Aretha Malope.

Ramatsobane entered and won a bursary to study the popular Entrepreneurship in Action course at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. This is her story.

Darren: What is your background with education?

Ramatsobane: I have a Diploma in Office Management, a degree in counselling psychology and an Honours Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Darren: What inspired you to apply for the Bursary Lottery?

Ramatsobane: I’ve been running a community development project for over 5 years and have since realized that, I am ill equipped for the journey I embarked on. I then started looking for opportunities to empower myself and since all my revenue went towards the running of this project, I couldn’t afford to educate myself. I then came across an ad for Bursary Lottery and I took my chances and applied. Hence I am here today.

Darren: What was the biggest challenge you are facing in regards to achieving your goals?

Ramatsobane: I would say the lack of knowledge with which I ran the company for all those years was indeed the biggest challenge I faced in regards to achieving my goals. If I knew then all that I’ve learnt in the past 5 modules, my company would have been far better off. Yes, funding is always a challenge but when you know better, you do better.

Darren: Can you describe the feeling that you had when you received the call telling you that you have won a Bursary?

Ramatsobane: The feeling is indescribable because I didn’t believe even for a second that I would be awarded the bursary. I took a chance at 2am applying for the bursary and I guess chance took a chance on me too. I was in the parking lot coming back from gym, so I was dressed for my happy dance and I danced!

Darren: How do you think Bursary Lottery will help you in your career?

Ramatsobane: Firstly, I am going back in my tracks to fix the foundation of the company I’ve been blindly building for many years. I am going to correct the mistakes of the past and set the company on the high way of success. I will implement value-based leadership and practice conscious capitalism in my interactions with all stakeholders. Since I know better I will perform better.

Darren: How are you going to use your fortune through The Bursary Lottery to help others?

Ramatsobane: My family has for years funded the studies of young people in the rural community where our company is based. Small as the company is, we have an employee of ours who is studying towards a diploma in events management through the company. We will continue with this initiative and hope to change the poverty status in our community, one person at a time.

The opportunity to change your life is something that can now be realised. One just has to grasp the opportunity and make it work for you.

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”.

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