Success Story 002: When opportunity knocks with Rantoloko

Rantoloko Molokoane is another one of the successful applicants for the Entrepreneurship in Action course sponsored by the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. Reading his story, detailing his drive and ambition, made him a worthy candidate to receive a bursary. The way to create a better society is through determination and hard work, and Rantoloko exhibits that.

“A small thing to you could mean the world to another.” – Rantoloko Molokoane

Darren: What is your background in education?

Rantoloko: I have an S4 in Chemical Engineering, and short course certificates from Red and Yellow School for Digital Marketing and Marketing strategy

Darren: What inspired you to apply for the Bursary Lottery?

Rantoloko: I am a lover of continuous learning and a fanatic for self-development. This is largely because I am from Tumahole, a township in Parys, which largely has low economic activity. This has led to mental fatigue and an environment that is uninspiring. For the past few years I have been part of a moment, trying to find creative ways to spur our community to economic life.  One of the key things has been entrepreneurship, and through it we want to bring change to our community. This is what inspires me to take that leap.

Darren: What was the biggest challenge you are facing in regards to achieving your goals?

Rantoloko: We do not have business backgrounds.  I am from a working class family with no business exposure.  Finding ways to make my business as impactful as I would want has been a challenge. The education and experience needed to get to where I want to be is expensive.

Darren: Can you describe the feeling that you had when you received the call telling you that you have won a Bursary?

Rantoloko: It was relief.  Relief that here is another opportunity for me to work on the getting closer to the dream of a better me, and a better township.

Darren: How do you think Bursary Lottery will help you in your career?

Rantoloko: It will bridge the gap of expensive experience and education needed. The course that I am doing is filled with insights from very experienced business people and populated with empowering education. This will make me a better entrepreneur, which will empower me to deal with current challenges better.

Darren: How are you going to use your fortune through The Bursary Lottery to help others?

Rantoloko: I am looking to invest it in the business we are building, which if successful can boost +- 100 small business and employ more than 4 employees.  It could open up our township to a better tomorrow.  This is what I plan to do with this fortune. Thank you for the opportunity.

For a change to truly be made, it needs to come from the inside. We are responsible for the future of our society, so let’s start making that change.

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